Increase efficiency, security, and outcomes with Whole Technology & Formstack

Automate your business with Whole Technology and Formstack.

We’ve partnered with Formstack, a leader in the online form building industry. They offer a fully HIPAA compliant solution that will help you increase efficiency and better serve your patients.

New Patient Registration Forms

Whole Technology helps healthcare providers gather and process patient data before they walk in the door. This gives doctors and staff the opportunity to better prepare for patient visits and provide them the best service.

Medical Records

We’ve helped providers and patients save hours of time by automating the release and intake of patient records. Formstack can gather electronic signatures and information that you need to process these types of requests.

Appointment Request Forms

Since Formstack is HIPAA compliant, you can collect detailed information regarding the nature and urgency of a patient’s appointment requests. Allowing you and your staff to respond appropriately and maintain a high level of patient satisfaction.

Patient Communication

Wouldn’t you love to be able to help patients without having to worry about security issues and unsecured PHI? Create a patient service form where patients or your staff on behalf of patients can securely fill out their request. You’ll receive an email with the important information, an entry will be generated in your Formstack workspace, and you’ll know you have someone waiting for help without having to keep track of a sticky note that was handed to you.

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