Why should you back up your Office 365 data?

If you’ve recently moved your email workload to Office 365, you probably think that you don’t need to worry about backing up your data anymore. Yes, Microsoft backs up your data, but only for their own purposes. If they have a failure in a data center your data is protected, but what happens if you have an internal issue? You may have accidentally deleted a mailbox and let 30 days go by without knowing it. What happens if you have a user who is leaving the company deletes all their email and its beyond the typical 30 day default recovery period? Is this unlikely? Yes. Is it possible? Yes.

Whole Technology leverages VEEAM to backup your Office 365 data.

Are you using SharePoint? What would happen if someone deleted critical company data from a SharePoint site, and no one noticed it for a few weeks? That data could be long gone.

Moving to the cloud has so many benefits. One thing it does not give us is full control of our data. Microsoft will not and probably cannot restore a critical email that we’ve lost track of. This is why we need to back up our Office 365 data.

If you’ve migrated to Office 365, you’ve done something very positive for your business. Keep your data under your control by backing up your Office 365 workloads as soon as possible.

Whole Technology has partnered with VEEAM to deliver Office 365 data protection services to your business. Email info@wholetechnology.net to learn more.

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