Working with dentists to host Open Dental in the Cloud

Whole Technology has partnered with Open Dental to deliver hosted practice management software to dentists in the United States and Canada.

We’re proud to offer a solution that allows dentists to access patient information and run their practice from any location. The security of your practice’s data is also fully managed by Whole Technology. This means that patient data will no longer be stored on a physical server inside your dental office. We will make sure your Open Dental instance is backed up daily and backups are retained to allow you to revert back to a previous day if needed.

You won’t have to worry about patient reminders not going out because you had a power outage the night before. You won’t have to worry about waiting for physical hardware to be delivered to your office in the event of a hardware failure on your server.

Keep costs predictable by subscribing to Open Dental as a hosted service with Whole Technology. Let us worry about the infrastructure so you can focus on running your dental practice.

For more information, email We’ll be glad to chat about the needs of your dental office.

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