Is your business prepared to respond to the next unexpected outage? Prepare for outages and recover quickly to keep your business moving.

Stay open when things aren’t going as planned.

Whole Technology can help your business prepare for the unknown. Today, we rely heavily upon things like phone systems, internet connections, physical servers and computers, and much more.

Whole Technology can help prepare you for outages and disasters. We can identify potential points of failure and work with you to build thoughtful strategies to reduce their impact or eliminate them completely.

What’s your cost per hour of downtime? How much will you lose?
These numbers are tough to calculate, but we can provide you with a few things to consider when trying to do this.

  • Employee costs
  • Loss of business that day
  • Future loss of business because of frustrated customers
  • Reduced employee morale

A company with 10 employees, paying them $20 per hour, that’s down for 5 hours has just lost $1000 in wasted employee wages. On that same day, a customer may call in to place a $1000 order or inquire about a service that could generate $1000 a month in recurring revenue for the company. That customer could go elsewhere, and you could lose that account completely.

Don’t let something as simple as Comcast being down for a day impact your business. Let Whole Technology make recommendations to keep your business moving when things aren’t perfect.

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