Information Technology as a Service by Whole Technology

An ITaaS plan from Whole Technology delivers the service you need at a predictable, monthly cost.

Information Technology as a Service Summary

What is it?
Whole Technology defines Information Technology as a Service as a subscription for hassle-free, consistent IT support. We deliver this function proactively, conveniently, and with a low-profile. We aim to relieve professionals from having to ask to have issues addressed or to help the business achieve its goals.

Information Technology as a Service includes the following:

Service Desk
Our technical support team is here to assist you. You can open a ticket with our team using the following methods.
1. Email
2. Call 215-383-2164 and press 1 for support
3. Navigate to our help center at  and click Submit a Request in the top right corner
We are working on giving our customers the ability to text to open a ticket in the very near future.

Security is a top priority and Whole Technology will implement a set of security best practices for your business like we do for all our clients. We cover things like anti-phishing, anti-malware, ransomware protection, endpoint protection, and we’ll regularly educate your users on the dangers of these things to keep your business safe.

Strategy and Planning
Whole Technology will work with end users, remotely and on-site, to learn how technology integrates with the day to day function of your business. We’ll continuously work with you to identify potential efficiencies that can be achieved by implementing new technology or training users on existing technology.

We have our eyes on your business 24/7/365. Our monitoring tools give us insight into a wide range of potential issues. Our goal is to always resolve an issue before you even become aware of it.

Vendor Management
Whole Technology will act as an agent on behalf of your company to resolve issues with vendors that are supplying technology related services to you. If your phones go down, we’ll work with your telecom vendor to remedy the issue as quickly as possible. We often leverage existing relationships with these technology vendors to get our clients priority when it comes to resolving outages or other issues.

Business Continuity

As a client of Whole Technology you will receive backup internet connectivity directly through us as part of your ITaaS subscription. If your internet goes out, your office will automatically failover to your backup connection and Whole Technology will pay for any data that is consumed.

Whole Technology will back up your infrastructure. This includes end user computers, servers, and data that resides in the cloud. We back up Office 365 data like email and SharePoint files to protect you from accidental or malicious deletion or corruption.

Productivity Tools
Each user will be subscribed to Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium or other plan that works for the needs of your business. Office 365 Business Premium includes all the Office applications for up to 5 devices, company email accounts for each user, and a handful of other great tools that Whole Technology will help you start using.

Whole Technology Data Collection and Workflow Automation
We work with clients regularly to help them collect data from internal and external sources. We then take this data and present it to you so you can use it to gain greater levels of efficiency in your day to day operations.

Disaster Recovery
Whole Technology can help you architect a disaster recovery plan that will cover you in the event of a disaster. Examples of these scenarios include long power outages, fires, floods, or other unpredictable software and hardware failures.

Virtual desktops and servers
If you’re tired of managing computers and servers at your business, we offer a fully hosted option for your entire infrastructure. Your users can log into a secure cloud environment where they will have their own dedicated workspaces and access to all your company data. The benefits of this are numerous and we are happy to see if this solution would be a good fit for your company.

Our Information Technology as a Service plan is charged per site and per user. If your company has 1 office, you will be charged a fee for that site plus a fee per user per month.

Whole Technology does not enter into any long-term contracts with its clients because we believe in our ability to retain customers year after year without locking them into long-term contracts. If you decide to move away from us we simply ask for 30 days’ notice and will prorate the final invoice to reflect that notice.

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