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Whole Technology

Whole Technology was founded by Anthony Landolfo in 2015. Maintaining a small team, Anthony has been able to provide customers with a version of IT services that keeps his customers happy year over year. Over 4 years, Whole Technology has never lost a customer, and continues to maintain relationships with even the smallest of clients. We provide the same level of service to our smallest client that we do to our largest and understanding the needs of those individual businesses has been critical to our success. We believe that we can truly make a difference at each of the client business that we support because of this understanding and the strong relationship we build with company leaders and their staff.  

Growth has been fueled by the desire to see our customers succeed with their own businesses. With each new client, we gain new experience, and that experience allows us to continue advancing and offering our clients with a partnership that is extremely valuable. 

Partner with Whole Technology and gain a lot more than just a helpdesk to fix your problems. Gain a partner who cares about your business, its success, and building trust with you along the way.  

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