Whether you are a “mom and pop” store or have multiple shop’s and hundreds of employees, our packages will keep your entire team communicating efficiently and your company’s critical data, hardware and software up to date and secure.

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For retail stores with IT infrastructure and systems in place that they are happy with, the basic IT plan keeps your business running and provides support when you need it.

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For retail stores looking for an Information Technology partnership to boost the success of their business. Whole Technology brings a suite of technologies and systems to the plate that will cover all your business’s IT needs from start to finish.

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For retail stores looking to take their business to the next level with the help of Whole Technology. This package is for the business owner or operator who wants to fully embrace technology and keep their business at the cutting edge. 

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** Requires Cisco Security Appliance to be installed during onboarding

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support common retail applications like Square, Revel, and Vend?

Yes. Through vendor management, we will interface with these software companies to ensure your business applications are running smoothly. Many times, our previous experience with these apps allows us to solve problems without the intervention of the vendor. If our team hasn’t seen it yet, we will absolutely reach out to their support teams on your behalf.

Do you keep retail businesses PCI compliant?

Whole Technology has developed best practices for retail environments to keep data as safe and secure as possible. During onboarding, Whole Technology will help you set up your network to meet and exceed PCI compliance standards. We also work with Trustwave to regularly scan your network for PCI compliance.

Have you provided IT support for retail businesses before?

Yes. Our team is experienced with retail businesses and their IT requirements.

Has Whole Technology supported shipping platforms like UPS WorldShip?

Absolutely. We have years of experience working with customers who ship packages to customers all over the world. We can help support your WorldShip or other shipping applications.

Can you help my retail business become more efficient with the use of technology?

We love every aspect of IT, but our favorite thing to do is to help you use technology to do more with less. Our team is familiar with retail operations, so we will always try to identify areas of inefficiency and solve those with the use of technology.

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