IT Training

A Learning Experience

Whole Technology will take every opportunity to help users learn about how to better utilize technology. As we are interacting with your users, and they are opening trouble tickets with our service desk, we will make sure each interaction is a learning experience. This attitude allows us to cut down on repeat tickets, empower users to resolve similar issues in the future on their own, and improve overall productivity. It also allows our team to focus on more technical issues and IT strategy for your business.   

Formal Training Sessions

We also provide our clients with more formal training options. We are happy to work with you and your team to schedule short training sessions that focus on a specific topic or set of topics. We find these training sessions to be invaluable and can really help your users become more effective with their technological resources.  

Monthly Newsletter

Lastly, Whole Technology will be in your mailbox regularly. We send out monthly tech tips and videos to help users navigate the constantly changing landscape of technology. Ensuring users are aware of the latest phishing scams and other security risks is a top priority, and we’ll work to train your users to avoid malicious activity that can negatively affect your business. 

Get a Free Assessment

Contact us so that we can help identify the IT support, infrastructure, and security needs. Then, we can build a strategy for how to get you there efficiently.

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