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Properly implemented technology will improve your patient outcomes. Provide a better experience and drive revenue growth with our help.

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Increase efficiency, security, and outcomes with Whole Technology & Formstack
Automate your business with Whole Technology and Formstack. We’ve partnered with Formstack, a leader in the online form building industry.
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Our reliance on technology and the internet is only increasing. Are you prepared for the next time your internet goes down?
You can't afford a data breach. Whole Technology will help you and your staff understand how to manage all those accounts and passwords in an easy and secure way.
We've partnered with Microsoft, Formstack, and other leading application vendors to build apps to help you automate your business. Giving you and your staff time to address critical patient needs.
Available when you need us. Ready when you are. An email or a phone call is all you need to get help.
For larger enterprises, a disaster plan is critical. How will you continue to see patients and deliver services during internet outages and natural disasters?
We have the knowledge and experience to deal with other technology and systems vendors. Just report the issue and Whole Technology will make sure it gets resolved.
We build custom and semi-custom apps and forms to help you do things more efficiently.