Monitoring and Patching

Remote Network Monitoring and Patching

Monitoring is an important aspect of our Information Technology as a Service plan. It gives us visibility into the status of your business’s technology. We monitor every piece of technology at your business to ensure that it’s functioning as expected and providing your users with the tools they need to succeed. A prime example of this internet connectivity. We monitor internet connectivity at each of our client sites to ensure that your connection is not only up, but also performing as expected. If performance is degraded or service is down, Whole Technology will work on your behalf to resolve the issue. Often, Whole Technology observes and resolves technology issues before you or your staff ever become aware of it. This proactive approach helps keep our clients happy and focused on running their businesses.  

Patch management is another critical piece of our ITaaS plan. Every device on your network utilizes software to function. Each day that passes is another day for hackers to identify vulnerabilities in software. Sometimes, developers identify vulnerabilities in their own software before the hackers do, but not always. When hackers uncover these vulnerabilities before they are properly patched, breaches occur. Typically, patches are released as soon as breaches are discovered, which is why it’s critical to have a technology partner who is monitoring these types of developments and applying patches as quickly as possible. Automatically patching software keeps vulnerabilities to a minimum and ensures that you are always working with the latest and greatest software that a vendor has to offer.  

Proactive support and maintenance are the key to our service plan. Our monitors give us key insights into developing issues and allow us to resolve them before they affect the productivity of your users. The cost of downtime can be crippling. Many studies have been done to try to calculate the true cost of downtime for businesses. An easy way to consider downtime is simply to look at the dollars per hour it costs to run your business. For each hour of downtime, what is the cost in productivity? Beyond that, what does it cost to get things back on track? And lastly, what is the cost of the potential damage to your reputation when your business is not functioning because of an outage? It’s easy to see how important it is to keep an eye on your business’s technology. Partner with a trusted Information Technology service provider like Whole Technology to help you keep your company moving in the right direction.   

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