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Why Open Dental?

Open Dental is a cost effective, user-friendly, and flexible dental practice management platform used by many dentists across the United States. When paired with the right technology solutions, you can transform your practice by hosting Open Dental in the cloud, and leveraging other great technologies.

If you’re looking to invest time and energy into it, you can host Open Dental on your own. Don’t want to do that? Whole Technology is here to help.

Oftentimes, we set up Open Dental for a practice on a small server or workstation, and it works out fairly well, but why not extend the capabilities of Open Dental and your practice by leveraging the cloud. It’s the best of both worlds. The flexibility of Open Dental running your practice, and the accessibility and ease of having it hosted for you, in the cloud.

Whole Technology can build you a customized technology solution, that is completely yours, and will not be shared with other practices. Catapult your dental practice into the modern era with the latest tech, at a reasonable cost.

For Open Dental users or practitioners looking to transition to Open Dental, this is a no brainer. You can stop losing sleep at night worrying about your Open Dental server growing legs and walking out your door with all of your patient data on it. If you want more information, check out Open Dental’s website by clicking here.

Whole Technology can host your Open Dental server for you, in a secure cloud environment, and offer you a ton of other great tools to run your business alongside it.

Why Whole Technology?

If you’re looking to host Open Dental in the cloud and transform your practice, you’ve come to the right place. Whole Technology delivers Open Dental, in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, at any time. With that, you get the following:

  • Support from our expert help desk to help your team with technical issues of any kind
  • Cloud-based desktops that you and your team can access from any computer with an internet connection
  • Microsoft Office 365 apps and tools, including an enterprise-grade email system for each user
  • Secure backup for all of your data
  • A phone system for your practice
  • Security monitoring
Move your business to the cloud with Whole Technology

What does it cost?

Currently, all of our dental clients who run Open Dental also use Whole Technology for their IT services. If you’d like to see pricing for the whole package, go here.

For companies looking to have Open Dental hosted on its own, the pricing is as follows:

One-time costs: $500 setup
Recurring costs: $500 per practice per month + $60 per user per month

For very small practices, we understand this can be cost prohibitive. We have other solutions available that may suit your needs. Email [email protected] to learn more!

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