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One of the most important aspects of delivering IT services to small businesses is ensuring that clients are getting the most out of the tools they have. Microsoft’s Office 365 platform is widely utilized among businesses from solopreneurs to the Fortune 500. The platform is built to help businesses work more efficiently and it can be extremely valuable for small businesses looking to automate business functions.

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The problem

Whole Technology recently worked with a client to automate a business process that included a paper form and a ton of wasted time with emails back and forth between end users, trying to gather missing information to complete a simple task. They also needed a system that would allow for historic reporting on this business process.

The solution

The solution was to use build a SharePoint list to gather critical information to complete a task that occurs on a regular basis. A huge time savings was achieved by forcing end-users to provide all pertinent information the first time they submitted their request. An electronic form with required fields took care of this.

Once the end-user submitted their data, an email with the information was automatically generated and sent to the person in charge of this task. When that person completed their part of this task, they approved their step, and the workflow continued. At the end of the flow, the end-user received an automatic email notifying them that their request was completed.

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