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Having a phone system that can accommodate both the needs of your business and the demands of our current state of being is critical to any small business’s success.

Traditional PBX

A PBX is a hardware that typically sits in the office of your small business. It gives you full control over your phone system and keeps everything related to telephone calls in-house. Some companies prefer this because it gives them full control over their telephone system’s data. This could include something like call recordings. A traditional PBX comes with a higher capital investment and a lower recurring cost. They also can include important legacy features like the ability to use your phone as an intercom.

Hosted PBX

Sometimes a local IT provider will give you the option of hosting your PBX or phone server, in their data center. This allows business owners to not have to worry about maintaining a piece of hardware and making sure that it’s up and running at all times. It puts the burden of keeping the PBX up and running on the service provider. This can be a great solution for small business owners looking for the functionality and control of a PBX while allowing someone else to maintain its availability.

Hosted VOIP

Hosted VOIP providers like Vonage Business Cloud typically provide the lowest up front cost and highest recurring costs, but the benefits of a system like this can be great. Companies like Vonage invest a ton of time and money into their products. A prime example of this is the iOS and Android applications that are developed by Vonage. They allow end users the flexibility to use a mobile app, a softphone on their computer, or a traditional desk phone. This allows for small business owners to subscribe to a phone system, often get free or discounted phones, and have most of the functionality of a traditional PBX.

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